• on July 29, 2022

Bread Baking Ministry

Sometimes an opportunity to get plugged into our church community just falls into our lap. And that’s exactly what happened when Pastor Jennifer introduced a communion bread ministry to our parish. As part of her Lenten practice, Pastor Jennifer baked the Holy Eucharist Host for our faith community. It was such a lovely, personal gesture and one wholly embraced by the St. Timothy congregation (…and let’s be real, baked bread vs. that prefabbed wafer?….yeah, no competition). Anyway, hence the beginnings of a communion bread ministry for which Reid and I happily volunteered. The guidelines are very simple: sign up here for a weekend to provide communion bread. Yup, it’s that easy! I wish I could put into words how powerful and humbling it is to pray over, under, around, & into the making of communion bread, but I can’t. Rick says I shouldn’t even try because it truly is a spiritual practice, to be experienced, to truly understand the transcendence of it. I invite you to check out this new ministry. Reid will even help you find recipes and give you the prayer litany we wrote for when we bake bread.  ~Jen Yamin

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