• on June 27, 2022

Caring for the Altar

Who sets up and cleans up Communion for every service? Who takes care of the altar, flower arranging, and decorating for the seasons?  Who fills the candles with oil?  Who hangs the banners and altar cloths for the liturgical year?  Who launders the altar cloths?     Yes, the Altar Guild.

In general, this group takes care of the altar and its furnishings and linens and prepares it for each service. The Guild takes care of the sanctuary and performs any other necessary duties to prepare the sanctuary for worship.

The current membership is Janet Eisenmenger, Marilyn Elbert, Margie & Alan Fisher, Ginny Gauerke, Pat Kirkpatrick, Sue Petersen and Marlene Sherman.  They are always seeking additional members – please reach out to Janet Eisenmenger if you are interested in serving.

One of the members, Marlene Sherman, has for years laundered the altar cloths used in every service.  She is diligent in this duty and the results are pristine! Marlene says “I like to serve in Altar Guild because of an opportunity to honor Jesus Christ by preparing His altar for worship.  To me the altar cloths represent His burial cloths.”  Marlene is one of those special individuals, like many others in our congregation, who serve with grace for her love of St. Timothy.  Thank you!

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