Why we joined St. Timothy

Joe and Jennifer Howard recently joined St. Timothy Lutheran Church.  Find out a little about them and why they joined the church - in their own words! We have been married 11 years and have lived in Hendersonville more than 12 years.  We have five children ages 10 to 21 years old.  We chose St [...]

Bread Baking Ministry

Sometimes an opportunity to get plugged into our church community just falls into our lap. And that’s exactly what happened when Pastor Jennifer introduced a communion bread ministry to our parish. As part of her Lenten practice, Pastor Jennifer baked the Holy Eucharist Host for our faith community. It was such a lovely, personal gesture [...]

Nashville Pride Parade

Caring for the Altar

Who sets up and cleans up Communion for every service? Who takes care of the altar, flower arranging, and decorating for the seasons?  Who fills the candles with oil?  Who hangs the banners and altar cloths for the liturgical year?  Who launders the altar cloths?     Yes, the Altar Guild. In general, this group takes care [...]

Bridget’s “Reconciling in Christ” Story

On December 31, 2012 my partner, Teresa, died after a 7 year battle with ovarian cancer.  Throughout this journey, members of St. Timothy ELCA in Hendersonville, TN were most supportive.  Pastor Lewis was extraordinary in his compassion and companionship.  But the most amazing part, that while a few suspected that Teresa and I were more [...]

Walking the Labyrinth

World Labyrinth Day was celebrated on May 7th.  Our labyrinth sits ready for use 24/7, 365,  yet I find myself only using it on this one occasion.  The quiet, solitude, peace, and meditation that comes with walking the labyrinth is powerful.  We certainly live in a world that needs lots of prayer.  I am going [...]

Faith Formation at St. Timothy

As the school year ends, many of our youth are transitioning from one stage of development to the next in their secular education and Sunday Faith Formation comes to end for the year within this congregation, I thought it would be a good time to write about the Learning Committee at Saint Timothy’s. Before I [...]

We are the church – Bryce Yamin’s Faith Story

St. Timothy Lutheran Church has been and always will be paramount in my faith journey. Growing up at St. Tim’s, the youth ministry was amazing and pivotal to my discernment of hearing God’s call to ministry. I am fortunate that so many adults at St. Timothy shared their time with the youth. These adults are [...]

Lenten Food Drive for Gallatin Cares

The theme for this year is “Give up something and give to others.” We are hoping to help the 110 families that Gallatin Cares feeds each week. There are two ways to participate. Donate food items including pasta, soup, pasta sauce, cereal, ravioli, peanut butter, and other food that is substantive, nourishing and non-perishable. Donate [...]

The St. Timothy Outreach committee is working together with Our Lady of the Lake to provide lunch bags for about 15 people during Room in the Inn on Sunday, March 27, 2022. Please click here to review the list of food items needed and to sign up if you wish to donate any of them. [...]
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