• on August 26, 2022

Supported, Loved and Accepted!

Finding a church, for many, may be a tedious process, full of trial and error. I had driven past St. Timothy numerous times after moving to Hendersonville in May of 2019. Having been confirmed at Christ Lutheran Church in Antioch, I knew liturgy and format, so I felt comfortable with that aspect. Between May and August of 2019, I continued living my life the way I had been many years before: Go to work, Get Drunk, and Pass Out. There wasn’t a whole lot of time in that busy life to include God and when I did attempt to let God in, I felt like an outcast. I’m sure that is the fault of my own in the past, but it’s what I felt. August 9th, 2019, was my first day of sobriety and I knew that what I was really aiming for required a higher power and I could not do it alone (learned that on August 10th at my first AA meeting.) When I left that AA meeting, I knew that on August 11th I was going to attend St. Timothy.

I do not recall what I was expecting from St. Timothy, but I filled out my contact information, wrote a brief introduction, essentially about my newfound sobriety, placed it in the offering plate and went on my way. That card gave me more than I ever expected. Within a few days, I got a call from Jim Dineen letting me know that Pastor Groce would like to meet me. Since that meeting St Timothy has given me more than I could have ever asked for. Since that meeting I have learned through experience what being a part of a church means. Supporting while being supported, loving while being loved, and accepting while being accepted.

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